Welcome to the first blog of my personal website. For my first blog I wanted to share with you why I have created this site and why should you regularly visit, read my blogs and know more about me.

This site is my communication platform. A place where I can share my thoughts and insights on being an Expat, living and working in China, working in the media and marketing research industry and other fun and interesting observations and current affairs topics. It is also a place for you to know more about me and easily contact me.

I have lived outside my home country (U.S.) for nearly half my life and worked in the media and marketing research industry for over 20 years. Along the way I have had many successes and some failures but most importantly I have learned many lessons and gained valuable experience. My desire is to share my thoughts on relevant and current issues and open a dialog with you. Through our shared experience, I hope our lives can be enriched. So come join me on a journey of discovery and shared insights, while at the same time having some fun along the way.

Thank you for being here and once again, welcome!

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